Available services /bookings


Spoken Word Performance/ Panelist/ Host

If you are looking for truth telling, political, emotional spoken word artist, please consider booking me for your next event.

 I have over 12 years of hosting experience.

 As well as versed in speaking on topics of inclusion, marginalized perspectives, LGTBQIA+ issues, trans & GNC rights, taking a stand against colonialism, xenophobia and antiracism work. 

Full VOCAB set/ Musical Director

Yes, it is possible to bring a VOCAB to you. If you are looking for an hour + of entertainment with multiple artists including spoken word, live music and dancers, look no further. 

Let me take on the work of booking, so you can just enjoy the entertainment.

Keynote Speaker

Are you looking to diversify your luncheon or event? I am a queer, nonbinary writer, first generation American, artist, that has been on the front lines as an activist speaking out for LGTBQIA+ rights, Black Lives, Palestinian liberation, immigrant rights and more. Let me inspire your group to stand in their truth and become activated to make society a better place for all.

Workshop facilitation

I have 1 hour to 3 hour training and workshops ranging from: Bystander Intervention, Cop Watching, Finding your Personal Narrative, Writing for Social Change and Diversity and Inclusion Seminars. 

I will create a program specific to your needs and the audience, so please feel free to use the contact form to see if I can create something for your specific group.


Do you question if your business, organization or school criteria is actually inclusive? I can help ensure you are heading in the right direction. This can include helping with your mission statement, PTO materials, bylaws, website & social media critiques, hiring practices and more. 

"This Is America" art installation/ book signing

"This Is America: When They Use Your Words Against You" is the chapbook and art installation I created in response to a video released by a white supremacist defaming me and the consequential events that came after. I am available to come speak on the subject of the backlash that comes from being a activist of color on the front lines, have a book signing and/ or bring the entire art installation to your space.  

Sponsorship Information

My mission via VOCAB is to create spaces for people that too often don't have them. I'll do this by having not only the monthly open-mic event  but also with  the soon to be launch of Lingo, the all ages VOCAB and Conflux, the educational/community series.

You can help me make that happen by becoming a sponsor. 

Sponsorship levels are tiered, each level includes all the proceeds from the levels prior. 

  • Seshat: $10 Gains entry to our monthly spoken word event at the White Rabbit
  • Brahma: $20 above & entry to the next special event show
  • Inanna: $75 above & vocal recognition at shows for the month
  • Orunmila: $125 above & spotlight feature on our social media (including event invites)
  • Papa Legba: $200 above & logo on flyers &/or posters

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card